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David W. Crippen, MD, FCCM is Professor Emeritus (ret) of Critical Care Medicine, Emergency Medicine and Neurological Surgery at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center in Pittsburgh, PA. He trained in general surgery, Emergency Medicine and Critical Care Medicine. Dr. Crippen is a member of the Society for Critical Care Medicine, the European Society for Intensive Care Medicine, and was a charter member of the NeuroCritical Care Society. He is a Fellow of the American College of Critical Care Medicine, and was a Diplomate of the American Board of Emergency Medicine for over 20 years, and holds the European Diploma in Intensive Care Medicine.

To date, Dr. Crippen has developed and delivered over 500 formal lectures on clinical topics in critical care and emergency medicine for National and International medical educational meetings. In addition, Dr. Crippen has presented 22 abstracts for medical meetings, 127 manuscripts for peer-reviewed journals and popular media, 6 critical care medicine textbook chapters and has edited four books on the subjects of resource allocation in critical care Medicine book.

In 1993, Dr. Crippen discovered the newly emerging Internet long before graphic interfaces, which at that time was limited to a few participants who understood the UNIX language. After gaining some experience with the Anesthesiology site GASNET, Dr. Crippen developed and implemented an International clinical and academic resource for critical care providers. The site is called CCM-L (Critical Care Medicine-List) and offers the following services for a group of over 1000 multinational participants: 1) A Cyber-Consult Service - critical care consultations in real time from experts around the world. Questions regarding ongoing patient care usually generate replies in hours if not minutes following presentation. 2) A CCM-L Journal Club - discussion of current critical care literature. 3) A CCM-L Forum - discussions of what is happening in the global medical sociopolitical arena. To date, there is no other Internet site in existence offering these same services to a multinational bevy of critical care providers, bioethicists and legal experts.

Currently, Dr. Crippen continues teaching residents, fellows and medical students at the bedside and didactic lectures. He is also on the admissions committee for the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. When not pursuing clinical duties, Dr. Crippen spends time on several Internet medical sites, plays guitar with rock band The CODES, rides one of three vintage 70's Triumph motorcycles and continues to tour on a BMW bike over the USA and abroad.

Design concept by Dr. David Crippen